Robert Blohm: Why You Might Want To Short China

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In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Robert Blohm discusses his views on China's long-term challenges:

– Changes of China's demographics point to lower or even zero economic growth sooner than expected
– The low-hanging fruit of reforms has been exhausted and serious actions are need to sustain the economic miracle
– China is likely to follow Japan's path to a "lost decade"
– Absent of major shift in policies, China will fall into the "middle-income trap"
– China's next leadership is key to China's long-term future as it faces point of inflection

Our Guest Today:
Robert Blohm is managing director at Keen Resources Asia. He is a professor of economics at China’s Central University of Finance and Economics. With a B.A. and a M.B.A. from McGill University, he studied under Nobel economist Robert Mundell while pursuing his P.h.D in economics from Columbia University.


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