Christopher Rothery: Europe Will Muddle Through, China Will Manage A Soft Landing

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In this episode of China Money Podcast, guest Christopher Rothery discusses where he sees opportunities in emerging market bonds and how the Eurozone debt crisis might affect emerging markets this year.

– European Central Bank will help ensure that the Eurozone debt crisis does not spiral out of control
– There is value in some currencies in Asia including the Korean Won and the Malaysian Ringgit
– Corporate debt of food producing companies in emerging markets are attractive
– China will manage an economic soft landing that will give markets further confidence
– China's currency, the RMB, might appreciate at a slower rate this year between 2% to 3%
– There is value to be found in the corporate bonds of select Chinese property developers

Our Guest Today:
Christopher Rothery is a portfolio manager in the fixed income division at Baltimore, Maryland-based T. Rowe Price Group Inc. He has twenty-four years of investment experience and currently focuses on emerging market bonds, both USD or local currency denomiated. Rothery attended London Guildhall University.

"Europe will probably continue to muddle through.…Yes, Greece may default, but the European Central Bank will manage the situation in the other periphery markets to the extent that they manage themselves either through the buying of periphery bonds by the ECB or providing liquidity to the banks…"
– Christopher Rothery


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